Cruel Hand Played Well

I’m sad it’ll take your mind but glad the demons with it.

Dealt a cruel hand but you played it well, all the way to showdown.

Death always terrified you but you don’t have to be scared.

It will swing by without you knowing and finally bring you peace.

Just like The Bay did.

I’ll cry when your light goes out and the air becomes colder.

But breathe in relief knowing your wounds won’t sting anymore. Nor me. Nor us.

I’m sorry for what we had to do. We didn’t want to but it had to be done for everyone.

A cruelly ironic way for your life to start and end.

Can’t imagine what it was like. It wasn’t the right way to fade but I hope it was comfortable.

Sometimes you have to make the least bad play.

I hope your spirit goes and finds hers and you can ask her what you always wanted to know.

But this time she’ll stay.

I’ll see you soon and hope for one more comforting look that everything will be alright.

Like you always did with your kind eyes, and keep it with me forever once you’re gone.

The Musketeers are good. We’ll enjoy the rest of the fight and come find you and everyone else.

Good hand.